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Shoe Hacks and Storage Solutions - Loox

Shoes are like personality mirrors that everyone owns. And if you are a shoe lover, that means a lot of SPACE is required! Instead of letting shoes pile up by the front door, make your closet organized. Oh wait, but HOW?

So, whether you are a fashionista with a passion for the latest shoe trends or someone who simply loves a well-organized space, in this blog post, we will explore various shoe hacks and storage solutions.

These are the solutions to keep your shoes in good condition-

4 storage Solutions for Shoes

storage Solutions for Shoes
  • Opt for Hidden Storage
  • Opt for a hidden storage like an ottoman for storing shoes with sitting. Ottoman allows you to keep your shoes neatly tucked away, reducing mess by the entry gates. This can be beneficial for smaller spaces where storage options are limited.

    Tip: Design the ottoman that matches your decor to create a perfect look.

  • Use Space-Saving Shoe Selves
  • If you have more vertical space than the width on your wall, then vertical shoe selves will work perfectly for you! These vertical-saving shoes selves are compact enough to fit into any room-bedrooms, entry gates, or living room. This storage rack comes with adjustable shelves to work perfectly for high heels and boots. 

    Tip: Consider a DIY Pocket-Friendly Shoe Rack.

  • Fun Storage Solutions for Kids
  • Using shoe cubbies for kids may result in fun storage solutions. These cubbies are designed to keep your kid's shoes organized and easily accessible. Shoe cubbies mainly come with small selves that allow each child to have their own space for storing shoes. 

    Tip: Design each shoe cubby with a color code to make it fun and educational.

  • Stackable Shoe Drawers
  • If you are the one who prioritizes organization then having stackable shoe drawers is like getting extra nuts in your ice cream. Stackable shoe drawers are usually transparent or semi-transparent which enables easy visibility of the shoes inside. 

    Apart from the shoes, stackable drawers can also used to store accessories like belts and handbags.

    Tip: Opt for transparent organizers for easy visibility.

    After reading the above solutions to keep your shoes in good condition, let us now discuss shoe hacks:

    5 Shoe Hacks for Everyday Life

    Shoe Hacks for Everyday Life
  • 2 Minute Shoe Clean
  • Imagine that cleaning your shoes will now take time as cooking Maggie…Just 2 mins!! Good, but HOW? So, to make your shoe shine mix an equal amount of olive oil and vinegar to create natural shoe polish. Apply it with a cloth and start buffing for a quick shine.

    Tip: Opt for a coffee filter for buffing. It’s gentle and effective.

  • Rid from white to yellow sneakers
  • A paste of baking soda and water may work as a magic eraser for your tough stains. Apply the paste on your shoes and rub it with an old toothpaste for instant results. 

    Tip: Remember to test first to ensure that the paste doesn’t cause any harm to the shoe.

  • DIY Deodorant for shoes
  • Take a small amount of baking soda and sprinkle it inside your shoes to neutralize unpleasant odor. Baking soda allows you to start your day with fresh and odor-free shoes. 

    Tip: Shake out the excess amount of baking soda before wearing it.

  • Heel Caps
  • Caps for heels…….Sounds Strange!!

    But if you prefer wearing high heels which puts high pressure on the heel area. Therefore the heel may get broken or cracked. To get rid of this, use a pair of heel caps and put them under the heel. This magical hack will fix the problem without struggling with glue or throwing away your favorite pair. 

    Tip: Choose a textured heel cap for a slip-free walk.

  • Say Bye to Tight Shoes
  • It’s time to say bye to your tight shoes by placing bags filled with water and then putting them in the freezer until the water turns into ice. This will expand or gently stretch the shoe material. 

    Tip: Freeze them overnight for the magical results. 

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    Hope you find the above article informative, and if you have any queries related to this blog post, please feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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